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1. About

1.1 Overview is an online video converter that provides free converting service for users to convert online video to various formats, including MP3, MP4, AAC, WMV, AVI, and so on.

Now in this modern age, the lifestyle and a variety of current situations decide the condition that people would require preservable media files rather than online streaming so that they can make their time more flexible. Also, in some places where mobile data is still not an easy task for most people to afford, video converting and downloading would be in high demand.


That's why Convert2MP3 video converter comes here. To enable users to have quick but easy access to free online video resources, provides the most convenient but quality-guaranteed converting as well as downloading services for users to manage them easily.

Since its launch, spent a very short time on making itself one of the leading online video converter. How can it achieve this? It's time for you to grasp some information in the following part.

1.2 Features of

All these main features can be the reasons why would be most people’s choices. Go through them if you are new to

Various Output Formats provides 6 audio formats (MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, OGG, WMA) and 4 video formats (MP4, AVI, WMV, 3GP) as the output selections for users to freely select.

In Site Search Function is equipped with a powerful search function on its homepage. By entering the title or keywords of the online video, will grasp the video for you from YouTube, Dailymotion, Clipfish immediately. Then you can simply convert or download the video.


Easy and Fast Download Process

With, you only require 3 simple steps to convert online videos to common audio/video formats, and even download them for offline saving.

Two Popular Languages Provided provides two popular languages - Deutsch and English. Therefore, people who speak these two languages can all enjoy the convenient converting service brought by

2. Highlighted Features of Y2Mate can work as not only a converter, but also a downloader. As mentioned above, the operating steps of Convert2MP3 video converter can be pretty easy. You can simply follow the guide below.
NOTE: Currently, can only convert/download online videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, and Clipfish.

2.1 Online Video to MP3 Converter

STEP 1. Copy the URL of the Online Video
Firstly, go to YouTube, Dailymotion, Clipfish to search for the online video you want to download and copy its URL from the address bar.

Copy YouTube Video URL


STEP 2. Start Converting Video to MP3
When you get the URL of the online video, now turn to and paste it to the download bar. Right beside the bar from the pull-down list, you can select an output format for the video. Here we simple choose MP3 and click on "Convert".

Paste URL to


STEP 3. Select or Edit Tags for Video
When reads the URL, it will grasp the titles for the artist and the video. You can scroll down the list to select one for it, or you can edit them by yourself.

Select Tags for Video


STEP 4. Download Converted MP3 File
When you edit the tags and click on "Continue", will prepare the converted MP3 file for you. You can simply click the "Download" button to save it to your local folder on PC.

Download Converted File

2.2 Online Video Video Downloader

STEP 1. Copy Online Video URL
Go to YouTube, Dailymotion, and Clipfish to search for the online video you want to download, and copy the URL of the online video.

STEP 2. Convert Online Video Format
Open, then paste the URL of the online video to the Convert2MP3 download bar. Then click on the pull-down list and select a format for the online video you are going to download in the video format section. Also, you can select the video definition as well. When you decide one, hit "Convert".

Select Output Format for Video


STEP 3. Download Online Video
After clicking on "Convert", will start converting the online video into the format and quality you've selected in the last step. Within seconds, you can get the converted video. Simply click on "Download" button to save it to your local folder on PC.

Download Online Video

3. Browser Add-on also releases a browser add-on, which is able to set a download icon on YouTube, Dailymotion, and Clipfish, enabling users to download online videos in a more convenient way. The add-on is easy to use, and also simple to be installed on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Now, head to the user guide below. 

3.1 How to Add Convert2mp3 Add-on on Google Chrome

STEP 1. Add "Chameleon" Extension
Before adding Convert2MP3 Chrome add-on, you need to install Chameleon Extension at first. It enables you to install Convert2MP3 add-on to your browser.

Click here >> Chameleon << to install the extension.


STEP 2. Add Convert2mp3 Add-on
After Chameleon is well-installed, now you can add Convert2MP3 Chrome add-on as well.

Open >> Convert2MP3 add-on << here, and submit "Add to Chameleon". Then the add-on can be used on Google Chrome.


STEP 3. Download Online Video on Chrome
Now go to YouTube, Dailymotion, or Clipfish and search for the online video you want to download for offline playback. Open the video page and you will find the download access set there. You are able to simply download online video to MP3/MP3 with this powerful add-on. By clicking on the three-dots button there, you can select more output options!

Convert2MP3 Add-on

3.2 How to Install Conver2MP3 Add-on on Firefox/Safari/Opera

On Firefox

Click on "Convert2MP3 Add-on for Firefox".
STEP 2. Hit "Add to Firefox" and submit "Allow".
STEP 3. Add the Convert2MP3 add-on by clicking on "Install".

On Safari

Click on "Convert2MP3 Add-on for Safari".
STEP 2. Then in the page, double-click ".safariextz" file.
STEP 3. Finally, hit "Install" to add the add-on to your Safari.

On Opera

Click on "Convert2MP3 Add-on for Opera".
STEP 2. Directly hit "Add to Opera".
STEP 3. Submit "Install".

4. FAQs

Got some problems while using Go through these frequently asked questions listed below to solve your problems.

Q Do I need to pay for the convert/download service?
A Absolutely not. provides completely free online video convert/download service for users to get their favorite online videos in the formats they prefer.

Q Can I transfer the downloaded files to iTunes?
A Sure! You are free to manage the downloaded files as you like. After downloading online videos with, you can transfer them to any device or media platforms such as iTunes Library, iPhone, Android, Apple Watch, Sony Walker, and so on.

Q Why the conversion doesn't work?
A If doesn't work on your PC, you have to make sure that your browser has been up-to-date. Also, check if the Javascript is activated.

Q Is safe for using?
A is completely safe for using. It contains no virus or bundled malware.

If you have more questions, reach for solutions here.

User Reviews

The conversion and download speed of is so quick that I can process any online video within a short time. Thanks a lot for bringing so much convenience to us! --Duncan Ashley
I've tried so many online converters, but I finally stop here on Its performance can be the best - fast converting speed and easy-to-use add-on. If there's a ranking list, I’ll give all my points to it. --Joanna Alexander
Although the interface of is just so simple, it does a lot help to the experience on converting and downloading online videos. With, my video and audio collections can be rich again! --Watson Wong

6. Convert2MP3 Online Converter Series

When you search for the convert2mp3 online converter on Google, you will discover that there are several Convert2MP3 YouTube video converters there in the results. Although they are in different names, their functions can be similar and helpful. Except for, here the other two Convert2MP3 video converters are going to be introduced.

6.1 is a sub-page which is separated from, using as a specialized Convert2MP3 YouTube video converter. Therefore, the interface of is just so simple. There no any useless pages set on, enabling users to focus much on its YouTube to MP3/MP4 convert service.


Simply by pasting the URL of the YouTube video to and click on "Convert", the page will redirect to convert/download page. Then you just need to follow the guidance on how to use above.


With fluent and stable performance, can also be a good choice if you want to convert YouTube video to MP3/MP4 with any Convert2MP3 online converter. It requires only three simple steps to get the YouTube video you want downloaded - copy its URL from YouTube, paste to and select the output format as MP3/MP4, then converts as well as submit downloading.


Being tired of alternating between pages to get the YouTube videos converted/downloaded? is also embedded with a search function. Directly enter the title of the YouTube online video in the search bar here, you can get to it without hassle.

Search Function on


7. Alternatives to Convert2MP3 Video Converter

#1. VidPaw

Recently, VidPaw has updated to a new version, making its online service more comprehensive and convenient. More than an online video downloader, VidPaw now supports online video streaming as well. Users are able to discover more online videos here in VidPaw and download them with high quality within seconds. The changes have made VidPaw much more outstanding. More importantly, VidPaw supports to download online video/audio from 1,000+ sites.

NOTICE: If you are looking for any convert2mp3 App, it's good for you that VidPaw is going to release a VidPaw APK for Android, which supports downloading YouTube videos to Android easily.

VidPaw Interface is just more than an information providing website now! It has added the online video download function to its interface, enabling users to download online videos resources for offline stream back. Furthermore, you can add Y2Mate bookmarklet to your browser, as navigating and downloading online videos would be more convenient! Interface


YouTube to MP3 Converter (YTMP3) is also a reliable online video downloader for converting YouTube online videos to MP3 or MP4 format. It has a really simple interface and easy-to-grasp converting function, making YouTube to MP3 converting all in one-shot. All you have to do are just to copy a YouTube video URL, paste it to YTMP3, select MP3/MP4, then convert and download.

Download Online Video on YTMP3


Online Video Converter is a great tool to save your favorite online videos for offline playback, helping users to enrich their video collections. This amazing online converter provides various output formats, including 7 audio formats and 7 video formats. Besides, Online Video Converter also supports downloading videos from many popular sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Bilibili, YouKu, etc.

Online Video Converter


Mp3 YouTube makes everything simple as a piece of cake. If you only want to download YouTube video in MP3 format, then you should miss this YouTube to MP3 converter. You would find no useless information on Mp3 YouTube pages. Just paste the URL of the YouTube online video to the download bar, and Mp3 YouTube will well prepare the converted file for you. Simply submit download and you can save the YouTube video in MP3 format locally.

Mp3 YouTube


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